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Richard was full of valuable information! I have a very basic understanding of WP, but he was able to explain it in a way that was helpful & took me to the next level. I'm sure ill be booking additional sessions with Richard in the future! Thank you!


Excellent delivered what to i want, definitely i will try again the services from richard in my future project, thank you ;)


Excellent! Went above and beyond to fix my issues.


Richard's experience with WordPress is obvious as he coaches you through the process of setting up your site, pointing out somewhat hidden options in themes and warning where to be careful. Very pleasant to work with. I'll definitely be referring some friends his way!


Excellent Service Plus Great Advice A+++++++++++++


I was VERY pleased and satisfied with my session with Richard. He was waiting for me on the call when I dialed-in. He was very patient, and understanding. I was impressed with his knowledgable of the subject matter. He gave me so many good pointers that I'll be glad to schedule further sessions in t


wpcoach corrected my issues in a very kind and educational manner. I would highly recommend him as he is extremely knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make sure I was satisfied. I am looking forward to hiring him for this gig again! I will be sure to order more time because he can do a ton!


This gig is fantastic .Richard is amazing at giving instructions and giving guidance.I got the answers and suggestions .I will Definitely! use this gig again Happyness2


Richard was a pleasure to work with and went way beyond what was expected. Richard was very knowledgeable and professional he helped to explain what I needed to do and help to fix my word press site .Also altered the theme to my specifications. I would highly recommend Richard Happyness2


Richard is simply awesome. He is a wonderful person to work with, and is extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Richard's positive, attitude definitely sticks out. He goes above and beyond to make sure the job gets done, and is very reliable and trustworthy.

Jason Alghussein

Such a positive experience...Richard is amazing! I had been struggling with several WordPress issues and in a snap, he solved them. Don't hesitate to order a gig from this terrific human being.


Richard is a miracle worker! I hired Richard on a very tight deadline, with a lot of things to get done. He not only did what was required, but went on to complete the job another provider hadn't completed. He didn't have any experience in Infusionsoft when I hired him, and his scope was just to get the website working. His GREAT ATTITUDE shows up in his "just get it done" actions. He learnt Infusionsoft and then tied everything together to get it working perfectly. He is patient with non-techies like me, shows exactly how he has done it, and how I can run it myself. He created a website that is impossible for me to mess up - and I can use it for future projects by simply changing a few words. I have recommended Richard to several people. I'm almost reluctant to tell others about him as I would like him to always be available to do work for me when I need him! He is really good, knows what he is doing, offers excellent value for money; and completes the job to my satisfaction. He is available after the job is done to tweak the site further. I am really delighted I have found Richard and count him as a valued member of my team.

Jill Hutchison

Richard has been excellent to work with. He's a good man, he's competent, he gets the job done and is he very knowledgable.

Jim Guarino

great guy and a great help. He is great


Richard was so awesome, professional and very personable!!! He is very knowledgeable about WordPress and internet marketing. His instruction went very smoothly.


Awesome experience!! Thanks you so much! I will use again soon!


Super Super Super AAA RATING Can't wait for my next session. I honestly learned more in 10 minutes with Richard then 3 weeks of classes. at the UNIVERSITY OMG. Really can appreciate saying how good you are Richard. AWESOME AWESOME... thank you so much


Awesome!! askwpcoach knows what he's talking about and explains it to you very well. Made my day. I can recommend askwpcoach to anyone. Will use his help again and again and...


Delivered as promised, will use again:)


Great! Very knowledgeable, generous and supportive.


Richard is a great help and I couldn't be happier with his service. Awesome as usual! Thanks Richard


Richard went above and beyond what I could have ever asked for with Fiverr. He was patient, clear, knowledgable, kind and a pleasure to work with. Richard is the man if you want to learn or get help with Wordpress. Very, very, very, satisfied. Thanks again Richard!


Richard is the WP King!!! He's super knowledgeable and generous with sharing his wisdom. He uses cutting edge technology during your time with him to literally walk you though online all your questions/problems. And, he shares great resources that will help you have an outstanding WP site.


Very knowledgeable guy! Will come back soon for next sessions!


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